Job Ganga

  • Established in the year 2016, Job Ganga is a dynamic online job portal bent on providing updates on quality job opportunities from all fields of expertise in India. Working on both ends of recruitment process, the portal forms a sourcing and service hub for employers. It helps them gather reliable staff and worthy talent from across the country.
  • Job Ganga caters to the needs of the modern generation. It offers filtered and finest vacancies in sectors including, but not limited to, information technology, PR, pharmaceuticals, engineering, media and more. Job Ganga caters perfectly through its executive search, and search by different dimensions. The portal strikes a constant balance between job demand and job supply in all industries by weighing them on the scale of quality, advancement and progress factors.
  • Job Ganga believes in the power of education to stir economic conditions. It refines the resource of manpower in India through skill development programs prior to recruitment and corporate training post recruitment. It has centers in major parts of India for workshops, coaching and overall learning.
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