• MEDSCAPE INDIA is a Social organization that works towards bringing various medical specialty bodies, organizations & individuals in to a common platform so that they can work together to bring a holistic & fair health care system in the country that is affordable to common man. Its mission is to nurture awareness on health care facilities among the masses and be an empowerment catalyst for doctors, scientists, patients, communities, corporate & government agencies for health & welfare programmes across India.
  • “Anokhee Pahel” an initiative of Medscape India aiming to empower the health & hygiene in slums of Mumbai city. Anokhee Pahel along with a team of 30 local doctors had arranged a Health Awareness Rally on 28th February 2015 from Thakkar Bapa Colony to Kurla, Mumbai , which aimed to provide health awareness, involving the citizens and making proactive citizens.
  • Million Smile – Another initiative towards building a connected community that can hold hands together and contribute to the society as a collective effort that can eventually bring happiness to someone and give them a reason to smile.
  • HIV AIDS Awareness Rally 2014: Medscape India in association with Aryan Education & Medical Trust conducted a rally “HIV GO AWAY” which started from Lokhandwala, Andheri. This was a grand success & bagged a certificate for excellence par initiative by Lov Verma, Secretary of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Dept. of AIDS control. The Rally was led by an HIV positive patient, Sanjeevani, accompanied by orphans from the Trust and other volunteers of the organization spread the message of HIV GO AWAY.
  • Save the Girl Child Movement is an initiative of Medscape , India – AMET which is working in the areas of Girl child education, health, nourishment, financial freedom for the young girls and women, empowerment and enrichment to the girls taking its mission to every part of Mumbai, Maharashtra and across our country.
  • Launch of integrated Health Management camp for Mumbai Traffic Police on 19th April, 2015.
  • Organised Save the Girl Child Campaign in Mumbai on Saturday the 6th of June 2015, which was a grand success!
  • Organising regular Free General Health Check up Camps for Mumbai Slums for the poor & needy. Sought support of major pharmaceutical companies of India for free supply of medicines for the same.
  •  A unique programme of distributing free First Aid Boxes to various organizations of Mumbai.