Sahitya Ganga

  • SAHITYA GANGA is a high-tech portal for promoting Arts, Culture and Literature of our country.  This portal contains all the information about various writers, poets, artists with their complete profile and work. It also has the facility of e-reading and e-commerce. Sahitya Ganga can be accessed across the world with one click.
  • Sahitya Ganga was inaugurated by Hon’ble  Minister of State & the External Affairs Minister Gen. V.K. Singh in Bhopal.  Dr. P.K. Patasani, Chairman of Parliament Committee on Languages, Mr. Satya Narayan Jatiya, Vice Chairman, Member of Central Committee Dr. Lakshmiprasad, Minister of Cultural Affairs, M.P. Govt. Mr. Surendra Patwa and other Office bearers of Ministry, Writers, Poets, and lovers of Hindi and Urdu were present at the inaugural function.
  • The gathering at the inaugural function appreciated Dr. Yogesh Dube’s efforts on the promotion of Hindi and Urdu literature.
  • Sahitya Ganga provides information about Hindi & Urdu literature and focuses on the life stories of various writers of literatures. This enables the new generation to get in-depth knowledge in literature, and learn about the culture of India.
  • Sahitya Ganga through this portal has made a deep impact not only on the people of India but also the people around the world.  Through this portal we at Sahitya Ganga work hard to make Hindi and Urdu the favourite language for the new generation.
  • Sahitya Ganga also publishes a magazine which is widely circulated across India. The Registration No. is RNI No.MAHHIN/2016/66874


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