Women empowerment

  • We have worked to empower women especially those in the weaker section of society thereby helping them create a better standard of living for themselves and their families.
  • Provided them with sewing machines and training in dress making, tailoring cloth bags, making of artificial jewellery etc.
  • Computer education has been offered to young women and girls. 
  • Helped them with opening of Bank Accounts, making of Aadhar cards and other important documents that are required to obtain the various benefits offered by the government.
  • Assisted women to get loans set up small scale cottage industries in their homes and thus cater to the well being of their families.  We also provide them with guidance and counseling to make fast food items, which helps them to become financially independent. 
  • Widow farmers are encouraged to undertake cultivation of their fields. 
  • Provided them with seeds and fertilizers and with the know how to become flourishing farmers.