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Dr. Yogesh Dube has been acknowledged as a personality dedicated to the protection and promotion of child rights in India and has actively worked in various parts of the country to protect children’s rights and their future welfare. He has always emphasized on the all-round development approach for children. He has addressed child rights issues in the country for a long period. He has organized as well as participated in child rights focused workshops, seminar, training, awareness programmes, campaigns and movements throughout the country.

Dr. Yogesh is rooted with a strong social, cultural and educational background. He is committed to bring complete literacy and facilitate free and compulsory formal elementary education for all the children. He has initiated various campaigns and movements to mobilize the public and has made them conscious of the fact that education is the key to success. He has also been involved in policy advocacy with the government to enhance schools, improve infrastructure and appoint trained teachers. His campaign in rural areas of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh has created awareness among the community in general and parents in particular to send their children to schools and has mobilized the teachers to enhance the enrolment and retention rate of the children in schools.

He has worked extensively on literacy and education among the children, youth as well as general public and has strong passion to see India a literate country. His dedication and hard work has led him to getting recognition, honours, rewards and awards at various platforms in country. He is the Chairman of “Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan”- a Non-Government Organization working on cultural, social and Child Relief in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. He is the Director of Child Relief Centre –affiliated to Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan that has been persistently working on education of the poor and socially disadvantaged children. He has been involved in rescue operations of children from various hazardous occupations and processes and has made efforts to rehabilitate them socially and educationally so as to ensure their larger involvement in society. His focus has also been on the mental and physical health of the school-going children, which is evident from the health camps, seminars and workshops organized organised by him.  He has also made efforts to ensure the well being and socially uplift children working on-and-around the Railway Stations by rehabilitating them educationally as well as vocationally. He is also effectively intervening in the tribal dominated areas as well as the Naxal hit areas of the country to improve the education system to keep the future generations out of poverty situations and the clutch of disruptive forces. He believes that major problems relating to children and youth would come to an end, if every child in our country is provided with quality education. 

Dr. Yogesh has also been actively involved in taking care of differently abled children. He is a strongly believes that children who suffer from any form of disability are especially abled, and should be given special attention to ensure all round protection to them.

Dr. Dube is a prominent advisor to various civil society organisations. He has travelled extensively both nationwide as well as internationally along with delegations of experts, social scientists and philanthropists on the issues of child rights.



Child labour is a serious problem of the Indian Community and Dr. Dube believes that children should play and learn, and any kind of labour by them would not let them explore and develop their mind and body. He has spent significant years on child labour issues in the country. He has worked on issues connected with child labour through organizations, arranging various seminars, preventive remedies and campaigns against child labour. He has actively participated in rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of children across the county. He has been part of many movements aiming at elimination of child labour at the State and National level. He has also served as Chairperson of the Core Committee on Child Rights in Uttar Pradesh. He has also created awareness on the legal aspects of child labour including the key points of the judgment “M.C. Mehta vs. State Of Tamil Nadu And Others (1996)”. He has extensively worked with children in Carpet, Bidi, Mining, Quarries, Brick Kilns, Glass, BT Cotton, Fire Cracker industries, and other unorganised sectors to rescue and rehabilitate the children from child labour.



Dr. Yogesh Dube has worked on various sections of Child Psychology including child development, normal and abnormal behaviour of the children, strategies and behaviour modification techniques for undesirable behaviour. He has a fine understanding of the factors leading to maladaptive behaviour among the children and adolescents. He has participated extensively in seminars and workshops focusing on psycho-social intervention with disturbed children including the children in need of care and protection as a result of absence of any parental figure. He has comprehensive knowledge on various aspects connected to children with special needs. He has very good understating of the needs of the children in various juveniles homes and observation homes, as he had made several visits to such homes for protection of children’s rights.



On the subject of child health, Dr. Yogesh Dube has organized various medical camps, seminars with child specialists and medical practitioners. He addressed the issue of awareness on mother and child health, nutrition, immunization and early development. He has organised various programmes and seminars for the benefits of poor children who reside in poverty stricken rural and urban slum areas in the country. He constantly strives for balanced nutrition values in the children and timely immunization for pregnant mothers for healthy babies. He has successfully advocated for the quality anganwadi centres and nutritional rehabilitation centres (NRCs) for the malnourished children with state and national machineries. He has also taken initiatives for the renovation, modernization & establishment of health care systems in various parts of the country including the 100 bedded hospital in Gorakhpur for patients suffering from Japanese encephalitis/AES, and set up many primary health care centers.etc. He also organised various public hearings focusing on health issues of the children.



Dr. Yogesh Dube has worked on the issues of street children, children residing on railway platforms, orphans, and eradication of bad habits like smoking of bidis, cigarettes, chewing pan and gutkha by the children of adolescent age. He has successfully counseled children and adolescents on the importance of healthy life styles and has also visited the homes of needy children. He has successfully encouraged many such children to improve their life, living standard by staying in shelters and orphanages. He has also worked on rehabilitation programmes for such children through the inclusive approach.



Date of Birth & Place  28th July, 1974; Mumbai
Father’s Name  Sh.  G. R. Dube
Residential Address Dube House, Carter Road No. 9, Borivali (East), Mumbai - 400066 (Maharashtra)
Office Address  1, Ghanshyam Tower, M. G. Road, Borivali (East), Mumbai- 400066 (Maharashtra)
Camp Office

Ambawadi, Dube Road, Dahisar East, Mumbai-400068
Dube Bhawan, Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh

Contact Details 9322111555
E-mail Address dryogeshdube@gmail.com 


  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Mumbai University, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Uttar Pradesh
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Hardware and Networking. P.I.I.T Institute Mumbai
  • Diploma in 3D Animation and graphics. P.I.I.T Institute Mumbai



Following is the list of key publications of Dr. Yogesh Dube:

  1. Child Labour Act and You.
  2. Child Labour in Bhadohi U.P.
  3. Child Relief in slums of Mumbai,
  4. Abolish Child Labour,
  5. Child Labour in Carpet Industry of North India
  6. Child Labour in Brassware and Metal Industry in Firozabad
  7. Child Labour in Textile Industry of Tamil Nadu
  8. Assisted in a research study on the Problem of Substance Abuse among Children
  9. Research Journal on Child Status,
  10. FAQs: Child Labour and Children in Distress
  11. Ramcharit Manas Me Charitra Srishti (Hindi)
  12. Mahayodha Karna (Hindi),
  13. The Colonial Rule.
  14. The Great Revolution: Alipore Bomb Conspiracy
  15. Viveki Rai: Sahitya Mein Samvedna Ka Swarup
  16. And Many Short stories and Poetries



  1. Honoured with “National Youth Award” (1995-96) in recognition of the outstanding voluntary work rendered in the field of National Development & Social Service from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Government of India.
  2. Honoured with “Rashtriya Yuvak Samman” in the year 2001 for exemplary work in the sector of youth education.
  3. Honoured with “Shreshth Baalak Paalak Puraskar” in the year 2004 for his plenteous educational efforts especially for the children and youth.
  4. Honoured with the Divyang Mitra Award 2016.
  5. Various prominent nobilities by national and internationally recognized institutions, societies, trusts, groups and organizations.



Member, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), New Delhi For a period of 3 years, starting from November 2010, he had been associated as Member to NCPCR. During his tenure with the Commission, his thematic area was “Child Labour & Children in Distress” but various interventions were carried out in multi-sectors impacting the children’s survival, development, protection and participation. Concentrated efforts to reach to remote and marginalized children in village communities ensued great satisfaction. During his span at NCPCR, he has intensively worked in various states including Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Delhi & NCR region, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Dr. Yogesh Dube’s core achievements can be summarized as follows:



In collaboration with ILO and UNICEF, for 3 consecutive years, Dr. Yogesh Dube organised ceremonies to observe the “World Day Against Child Labour” at the national level, to highlight the practices and challenges in different forms of child labour in the country.



Hazardous work, which is one of the worst forms of child labour and harms children’s physical, mental or moral health, was successfully intervened, campaigned and advocated by Dr. Yogesh Dube in several hazardous child labour industries like Carpet, Bidi, Mining, Quarries, Brick Kilns, Glass, BT Cotton, Fire Crackers etc. His rigorous attempts have effectively geared the District and State administrations to initiate State Action Plans in numerous States throughout the country. He has successfully addressed two largely invisible forms of child labour i.e. domestic child labour and migrant child labour in various States through direct intervention, campaigns, child welfare committees and mass media.



Dr. Yogesh Dube made substantial efforts in advocating policy level changes in laws relating to Child Labour, Juvenile Justice, Integrated Child Protection Schemes and Domestic Child Labour Welfare Plans. He has also advocated for Child Baal Samities, mid-day meals, child education and rehabilitation of children in need of care and protection at the State and National level. He took up various issues on child rights with various political parties.



Dr. Yogesh Dube had persuaded the State governments and District administrations in focused States to carry out proper mapping of child labourers in their respective geographical boundaries in a time bound manner. The prime purpose of such mappings was to bring attention to the extent of child labour and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it. Apart from the child labour issues he has also focused on the migrant working children who are also victims of child trafficking. To protect the rights of such children he has actively spoken on issues of regulatory framework for the migrant workers and anti-trafficking action plans by the administrations.



Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are among the States, where State and District level Task Forces have been formed with the prime objective of elimination of child labour, on the directions and resource assistance by Dr. Yogesh Dube..



With his successful attempts, many trends were unfolded when it came to bonded child labour, including the supply of children as bonded labourers to Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat, from poverty stricken states like Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The intrastate phenomena were also unearthed like supply of children to brick kilns in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Dr Yogesh Dube had played key roles in rescuing large number of children through direct intervention and children were successfully repatriated and rehabilitated.



The Core Committee on Child Rights was formed to curb child labour in six child labour endemic districts (Aligarh, Firozabad, Moradabad, Sant Ravi Das Nagar (Bhadohi), Sonebhadra and Varanasi) in Uttar Pradesh.  Dr. Yogesh Dube has successfully served the committee in the capacity as Chairperson for a substantial period of time and achieved various milestones on Child rights issues.



Dr. Yogesh Dube has also served as Chairperson of the Committee on Elimination of Child Labour in Mining & Quarries. During his tenure at NCPCR, the Committee had regular meetings for the protections of children’s rights and rehabilitation of child labourers. He has worked extensively with child labour issues in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya.



It was the intensive efforts of Dr. Yogesh Dube, that interstate child trafficking, intrastate child trafficking and international child trafficking especially at the Indo-Nepal Border, was highlighted at various levels. A comprehensive frame of recommendations was developed and shared with concerned Ministries and State bodies to combat the trafficking of children for labour and other exploitative forms, to ensure the protection of children’s rights. Through meetings and deliberations, he has also advocated for an effective framework for the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTUs) in the country.



Being a known fact that children become further vulnerable to exploitation during disasters, Dr. Yogesh Dube took timely initiatives to ensure safeguarding the vulnerability of children during the recent catastrophe in Uttarakhand. It was his concentrated efforts that initiated processes for series of schemes and programmes for disaster affected families in Uttarakhand. He has also undertaken the issues of effective implementation of the RTE Act, 2009 in civil unrest areas with senior officials at the state and national level. Dr. Yogesh Dube has also initiated steps to safeguard the rights of children affected due to violence and displacement in Muzzaffarnagar district & Shamli distirct, Uttar Pradesh.


Dr. Yogesh Dube conducted different research studies during his tenure at the NCPCR the most prominent are the following :

  • A study on Child Labour in Mines and Quarries in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya and Rajasthan
  • A study on Child Labour in Bidi Industry in India

He has also been part of various training cum capacity building programmes conducted by various prominent organisations including National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD). Dr. Yogesh Dube has also interacted at meetings and deliberations with the UNICEF in its programmes, consultations and campaigns to broaden the prospect of child rights.



Dr. Yogesh Dube has successfully handled numerous complaints on child right violations belonging to various States. Besides direct complaints, a number of Suo-Moto cognizance’s were also undertaken by him to address the violation of child rights by administrative authorities, police, schools, hospitals, policy/scheme implementers among others.



Dr. Yogesh Dube had frequent interaction with the Indian Judiciary System, State Legal Authorities, Bar Councils for effective promotion of child rights in the country. He had regular meetings and deliberation with different district and state Judiciaries on child rights, Juvenile Justice Act, etc.



The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 directs that in no case a juvenile in conflict with law shall be placed in a police lockup or be lodged in a Jail. During his visits to Tihar in Delhi, and to District / Central Jails in Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jaipur, Moradabad, Dhanbad, Agra and many other districts, inspections were carried out by Dr. Yogesh Dube,  to find out if there were any juveniles kept in jails due to wrong recording of age during the investigation. Among the under-trials as well as convicted inmates in these jails numerous inmates claimed to be below the age of 18 years on the date of offence for which they were accused. However, only a few of those inmates said that they had documents to prove their claim, but a majority of them did not have any proof of age. It was found as gross violation of the Juvenile Justice Act and Child Rights. Though, on the spot recommendations were provided by Dr. Yogesh Dube to the Jail officials, it was also decided to take up the matter with NHRC so that direct investigation in all the Jails located in all the States could be carried out to ensure that no juvenile languishes in jails, and also to ensure the safety of women, and the health, nutrition, education and welfare of their children who are permissible in jails. It was on his intervention, that the NHRC took a Suo-Moto Cognizance of the matter and issued a detailed notice to all the Chief Secretaries and Administrators of the States and Union Territories to report compliance pertaining to different provisions of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Rules, 2007 and Rule 12 of the Rules 2007. Dr. Yogesh Dube had also visited Tihar Jail to review the status of juveniles in jail.



While at NCPCR, Dr. Yogesh Dube achieved various milestones in the sector of children’s health with special focus on immunization, malnutrition, disability, Japanese encephalitis/acute encephalitis syndrome, child labourers working in highly polluted environment, water & sanitation aspects impacting the health of the children in rural and urban sectors in many States of the country.



It has been well established that children suffering from different kinds of disabilities are often overlooked for their needs and concerns. Dr. Yogesh  Dube has frequently advocated with the State Authorities, for children with disabilities including rehabilitative measures being taken, barrier free environment created at various levels, integration of these differently abled children into mainstream, provision of aids and appliances, provisions of vocational training, awareness being generated on child rights in the disability sector, state wide surveys of the disabled children to set up new institutions and to develop education rehabilitation for them, various services for autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabled, provisions of home based education, and to a large extent the provisions of special educators in schools. During his meetings with the state and/or district authorities, spot recommendations were issued to all the concerned departments to comply with the needs and rights of the disabled children. He has also stressed on the effective implementation of provisions under the RTE, Act for children with special needs.



Dr. Yogesh Dube also maintained a regular interaction with other National and State Commissions including The National Human Rights Commission, The National Commission for Women and other statutory Commissions.
Besides the above, he also initiated various national level deliberations & movements including safeguarding child rights movement, homes and institutions for children in need of care and protection, streamlining the CHILDLINE functioning, catering to the energy needs through solar energy in extremely difficult terrain, proper repatriation of children at railways and enhancing Inter-ministerial cooperation towards better child rights in the country. He has been part of a majority of the key Public Hearing organized by the NCPCR and other state level Commissions. His concentrated efforts actually led to the effective implementation of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) in many states. During his tenure with the Commission, he had made numerous visits to different states to review the child right scenario in the country.



  1. Chairman, Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan – a leading organisation devoted to community development registered in 1995.
  2. Vice Chairman, Disable Welfare Trust of India
  3. Director, Child Relief Centre – affiliated to and a Principal Body of Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan promoting child rights.
  4. Patron of “MedScapeIndia – Aryan Medical & Educational Trust” a non-profit charitable trust dedicatedly working towards community welfare/HIV & AIDS/communicable diseases/disability since 2006. In its social development agenda, it focuses on changing & shaping the destiny of the girl child, works in underdeveloped areas of the country, supports the girl child in various orphanages by sponsoring their education & health, enhances awareness in society about the importance of the girl child.
  5. President, Uttar Bharatiya Mahasangh (earlier called Uttar Pradeshiya Mahasangh) – a leading body towards social, education and cultural upliftment registered since 1994
  6. Convener, Temple of Understanding (Mumbai Chapter)- educates youth and adults cross culturally and inter-religiously for global citizenship and peaceful coexistence; advocate for acceptance and respect for religious pluralism by the worlds governing bodies; and actively promote justice and tolerance.
  7. Convener for Child Welfare Campaigns and Movements in Mumbai, Thane (Maharashtra) and Uttar Pradesh.
  8. National Vice President & State Commissioner – Hindustan Scouts & Guides (Promoted by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports – Govt. of India)
  9. Director Sahitya Ganga
  10. Chairman, Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana Samiti, Maharashtra Government
  11. Former Chairperson, Core Committee on Elimination of Child Labour in Uttar Pradesh, at National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Government of India
  12. Former Chairperson, Core Committee on Mining and Quarry at National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Government of India
  13. Member of the Advisory Board and Student Welfare, Shri Krishna college of Education, Bagpat ( Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Inderprastha University, New Delhi)
  14. Visiting Faculty, Shiva Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (Affiliated to Choudhari Charan Singh University, Meerut ) & IGNOU Programme Study Center-2783(P); Topic for Extension Lecture : CHILD RIGHTS; Target Group : In-service Teacher Trainees
  15. Chairperson, Maharashtra Sanskritik Vikas Parishad
  16. Executive Chairman, National Youth Awardees Federation
  17. Trustee, G. D. College of Arts, Commerce and Science
  18. Trustee, G. D. College of B.Ed
  19. Member (Co-opt) Animal Welfare Board of India
  20. Member, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India
  21. Member, National Commission for Protection of child righrts (Govt. of India) 
  22. Member, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan
  23. Member, Hindi Advisory Committee, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES), Government of India
  24. Member, Panel, Censor Board, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India
  25. Special Executive Officer, Government of Maharashtra
  26. Member, State Level Consultation Committee on Food Corporation of India
  27. Member, Board, Aryan Hospital
  28. Member, Board, Aryan Medical Centre
  29. Member, Expert Committee on Child Right Violation
  30. Member, Advisory Council, Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University, Uttar Pradesh – rendering higher & professional education to persons with disabilities.
  31. Member, Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan
  32. Member, Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad
  33. Member, Telephone Advisory committee Ministry of Communications Govt. of India 
  34. Member, Advisory Board, Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology Group of Institutions
  35. Member, Hindi Sahitya Sabha
  36. Member, University Development Committee, Shoolini University
  37. Member, Indian Red Cross Society
  38. Member, Textile Committee, Ministry of Textile, Government of India
  39. Member, Railway Committee, Ministry of Railway
  40. Member, Hindi Advisory Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
  41. Member, Handloom Board